Sunday, February 28, 2010

Thank's To Bidvertiser

Thank's to Bidvertiser who had withdrawn my first payment, through Paypal really beyond what I thought, was a year I join the program from Bidvertiser as publisher, although much of what I expected but it is very satisfying for myself, once again I thank you for Bidvertiser.Beginning of my journey as a publisher in Bidvertiser because I wanted to make my blog as a commercial ...!, hehehehe but I thought it out as a novice blogger that time, very difficult to attract visitors in the hope of getting great results, though I sometimes feel it is extremely boring
because the results also did not come, every time I see my Bidvertiser account not getting results, too, it makes me more tired, even during the first few months of that I got was $ 0.00 hahahaha ....!, well I got annoyed by this.
The desire of always wanting more I no longer affordable to me at that time, and as time goes on bidvertiser Account no results even though the time was only $ 0.03 hahaha ...!, really been unlucky. now I get the results though practically still far from expectations in the amount of $ 26.30 paid through Paypal, but this makes me very happy, hopefully the future I can get very big results.
Bidvertiser come to show that you can be trusted as a field of money for the blogger, hehehehehe ..!, If you can give me more profit from you as a publisher I love you full hahahaha...!!